Thursday, January 12, 2017

Life is a blessing. Although there are times I think the opposite. Life is unfair, unpredictable, too short. We worry and get anxiety over all of these things that one day won't matter anymore. They'll become dust and get sweeped away from the wind. I guess what I'm saying is that no matter what happens, it will nonexist and so easily not matter at all. I watched La La Land and it impacted me so much. I cried a couple times. Not because the film was sad or so joyful that I had tears... but because I related to the main characters Mia and Sebastian's dreams, desires, and determination. I might not be the most goal-setting person but I do have a little hope and aspiration to become someone important. Someone worth-living. And not that Im not worth living now. I love my life. But I want more. More wealth, more love, more happy days. Simple things make me exicted.